I'm Conrad, from Sydney & Byron Bay. Things that interest me are music, art & literature, tattoo's, & motorbikes. insti & kik @conrad_lloyd


Sometimes I get in mood to listen to one type of music or just one artist. It will last a week or 3 or 4 days. This week is the mighty mighty Lee Moses.

This was the first song that I heard by him… one of the best cover versions of a song ever. 

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omg cats in space!!!

This is the best thing on the internet

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comfy as

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my uncle acid jacket signed by the band at Soundwave festival

Anonymous: what qualities do you like and dislike in yourself?

This isn’t very interesting

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Anonymous: Shirtless pics


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Anonymous: Sexy

ha no

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Anonymous: Getting your fuck on with that special lady finally?!

Uh huh

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Anonymous: What's the do for your long weekend?

Film festival. Beers. Wine. And getting my fuck on.

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Anonymous: Sexxxxyyy tiiimmmeee


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Fuck Yeah Buzzo! 

'This Machine Kills Artists' is sick. So dirty for an acoustic record. Gonna be playing this one one heaps.

Best acoustic album since the J Mascis record.

Anonymous: How did you get into your job in music and are you happy with your career? I'm curious as to where you see your life progressing. Do you have a good work/life/relationship balance?

I have always been interested in music. I played guitar from 5 years old. I used to make music and DJ/promote nights when I was 16/17. Then I decided to study music with the intention of making music myself, so I did a degree in music. I then landed a job at a music agency where I was working in music related media and festivals. We produced shows on MTV & created content at all the big festivals in Aus… so I was literally on tour most of the summer. I’ve had a few jobs since then and my current job but always in music. I’m really happy with where i’m at currently but progression is a constant thing so i’ll always be looking to further my skills and career.

Balance is difficult because music is my greatest passion but I always make sure I have time to stay fit (ain’t nobody got time to be sick!), and spending time in a relationship with someone who is equally passionate about their craft helps I guess. 

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