I'm Conrad, from Sydney & Byron Bay. Things that interest me are music, art & literature, tattoo's, & motorbikes. insti & kik @conrad_lloyd
Anonymous: You come across to me as someone who would be into horror movies. What's your favourite one? And which one is the most fucked up you've ever seen? xx

I love horror! I’m a massive Dario Argento fan… all those old 70’s ones are my fave. George Romero is also top of my list. And Evil Dead 2 is also on the top of my list.

Most fucked up one i’ve seen is maybe Martyrs or Inside. I haven’t watched Serbian Film… probably won’t, but have heard it’s disturbing.

What about you?

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Anonymous: do you do drugs?

Very rarely.

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Anonymous: have you ever been incredibly drawn to someone you've never met?

Yes inexplicably so. So much so in fact that it is consuming me.

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Anonymous: What are your most precious songs of all time? You're sexy.

Will have to post a list. Need more time to think about it.

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Anonymous: How many followers do you have?


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Anonymous: What would you do if not music?

work in film, art or a tattoo artist

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Anonymous: Would you date any of your followers?

better question please

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Anonymous: do you believe in fate?


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Anonymous: You will. goodnight.

I will what??

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Anonymous: I want you. While youre driving. In my mouth. And then on your bike.


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There is but a whisper between us.

Then let it be a dialogue to unveil our secrets and desires.

A conversation of lust, love & dreams.

Some words we can knit into songs,

of kisses, sex and forever. 

Let us talk and love each other til the sun rises,

on our final days here.

And from that first word create a life together.

You just need to say ‘Hey’ to me one more time.

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Anonymous: Whats the strangest thing to happen to you recently?

Not really that strange but I had a message from someone who i’ve never met before late on Friday night that was unexpected. They didn’t say anything but it was strange that they messaged me. But i’m glad they did :)

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Anonymous: What have you been up to?

Practising rituals of the occult

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Anonymous: What are your most proud moments in your career?

I guess when we break a band/artist i’ve been working with. The Preatures, Andy Bull, Matt Corby… their recognition is the highlight of my job.

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